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The success in the selection of the appropriate technology has important strategic repercussions on the company. The points we recommend for the selection of technologies are:

– The needings and functionalities required. – State of maturity of available technologies. – Performance and scalability. – Size and State of community activity. – Cost and development maintenance.



Symfony is the most used and best valued framework for programming in PHP. It follows most of the best practices for web applications. Ideal to manage all the queries and requests to the server as well as to show the answers that the business logic requires. It uses object-oriented programming both in the business layer, and to manage the data model, which is a great advantage.

Symfony is based on the MVC (Model View Controller) software design architecture. This feature allows communication between the three independent layers with great efficiency. Making it ideal to manage multiple users and loading content with great scalability allowing growth.

The best about Symfony 4 is the siomplicity of managing URLs, the use of controllers that manage these routes and it is ideal for complex solutions in a very orderly and efficient way.

It allows its integration with the libraries of other manufacturers and thus take advantage of the advantages in the front-end part of new libraries both in JavaScript type Angular, Vue.js or JQuery, etc. and all the new HTML5 APIs.

All this makes it ideal for business applications and for developing long-term applications.



Laravel is an open source framework to develop web applications and services with PHP 7. Its philosophy is to develop PHP code in an elegant and simple way, avoiding the «spaghetti code». It was created in 2011 and has a great influence of frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, Sinatra and ASP.NET MVC.2

Laravel aims to be a framework that allows the use of an elegant and expressive syntax to create code easily and allowing a multitude of functionalities. Try to take advantage of the best of other frameworks and take advantage of the features of the latest versions of PHP.2 Most of Laravel is made up of dependencies, especially of Symfony, this implies that Laravel’s development also depends on the development of its dependencies.

Database: MariaDB (MySQL).


MariaDB is a database system compatible with MySQL and the community of free software developers. While MySIS uses MyISAM & InnoDB, MariaDB uses Aria and XtraDB and in turn incorporates two other engines: PBXT and FederatedX.

It also incorporates new tables at the system level, which help in database optimization tasks thanks to the storage of service statistics. MariaDB’s performance is considerably above of MySQL.



Java is the language most used today, it is a language that offers us a lot of security against third-party infiltrations or viruses because it is designed to create highly robust and reliable software.

Spring framework


Spring is a framework for application development and control investment container, open source for the Java platform.2 Although the fundamental features of the Spring Framework can be used in any application developed in Java, there are several extensions for the construction of web applications on the Java EE platform. Although it does not impose any particular programming model, this framework has become popular in the community as it is considered an alternative, substitute, and even a complement to the EJB (Enterprise JavaBean) model.