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The success in the selection of the appropriate technology has important strategic repercussions on the company. The points we recommend for the selection of technologies are:

– The needs and functionalities required. – Degree of state of available technologies. – Performance and scalability. – Size and state of community activity. – Cost and development maintenance.

Javascript and jQuery


jQuery is a multiplatform JavaScript library, which allows you to simplify the way you interact with HTML documents, manipulate the DOM tree, handle events, develop animations and add interaction with the AJAX technique to web pages. According to an analysis of the Web (carried out in 2017) JQuery is the most used JavaScript library, by far.



Angular is a framework created in Google that solve scalability problems. The platform is designed to allow you to build and manage shared code and divide work between appropriate roles. It uses TypeScript, which allows you to find bugs and errors easily during the development process. TypeScript also allows developers who are not familiar with the code of an application to catch up very quickly due to its ability to immediately see the types of data that move through the application.

Angular is based on the MVC (Model View Controller) software design architecture.

Because Angular is a Google product, it is able to take advantage of the Internet giant’s test infrastructure. Every change made in Angular is validated against each Angular project within Google. This means that before any version is released publicly, the framework is already in use in hundreds of projects, maximizing the possibility of no paradigm changes or unintended regressions. There are thousands of reusable tools, libraries and code samples over the Internet.



Bootstrap is a cross-platform library or set of open source tools for site and application design. It contains design templates with typography, forms, buttons, boxes, navigation menus and other design elements based on HTML and CSS, as well as additional JavaScript extensions. Bootstrap is the second most prominent project on GitHub1 and is used by NASA and the MSNBC among other organizations.