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Paella Suite Maitre

What would you like?

It's the heart of the service,
it takes the requests from clients and distributes the tasks.



Progress of orders at kitchen.
Booking, Payments, Transfers.
Assignments and table unions .
Discounts .Command orders.
Commands close
Split payments.

Paella Suite Menu

Come and see

Display your restaurant menu, bar or cafeteria at mobile devices and tablets.
Improve your service, the information towards the client and your local identity.



The customer can download the application at their tablet or mobile through a QR code and check the menu while they are at your restaurant. Highly recommended for private rooms or to communicate straight with the room service.

Paella Suite Chef

To the point

Chef is a kitchen monitor aimed to visualize the different cooking areas of orders taken by Paella Suite Maitre



Chef is a kitchen monitor aimed to visualize the different cooking areas of orders taken by Paella Suite Maitre. Designed specially for tablets. The perfect tool in oder to avoid your kitchen to become a nightmare.

Paella Suite Runners


Runners displays the orders to serve from Paella Suite Chef.
Avoid mistakes and long waits.



Runners is aimed to siplay the orders finished by Chef and are ready to be served. It eliminates the need to use paper. Avoid mistakes and optimize your time.

Paella Suite Server

Everything controlled!

Paella Suite Server is the perfect and indispensable link between all the devices.
It brings stability, speed and effectiveness.



Easyserver is the perfect and indispensable link between all the devices and the APP's easy Maitre POS, iChef, iMenu and iRunners. it brings stability, speed and effectiveness

Paella Suite Gest

At your own cloud

Manage your business from all around of the world.



Access from anywhere with internet (Restarant, home, hotel, beach) and manage your business, modify the prices, add more items, families, check the invoices, profit statics, products, etc...

Find out some of the advantages

Increase in 20%, at the very least, the profitability of your tables since the serving speed is increased. The customer consumes more and faster, increasing the turnover.
Minimize waiters movements
Prevent up to 55% of waiters movements, besides, all the time that is saved aswell. Reduce the accumulation of workers waiting at the bar area
Use the new technologies that bring your bussines a higher value, improve it and it allows your business to be more competitive attracting new customers with the premise of a new experience.
Wherever and whenever you want
With the cloud management, you will be able to supervise your business, check incomings, sales, change prices, new products. From anywhere even from your home always with the maximum security
Better treatment
Decreasing waiting times when: taking an order, sending it to the kitchen, or when its about making a payment. A customed and fast support. A happy customer always repeats and recommends to others.
Improve your fluency
The orders flow in a organised way, clear and without writing or reading mistakes. Every product order is sent immediately where must be prepared, without intermediary.
More capacity, same quality
PaellaSoft Suite Increases the capacity of assuming more working points having he same staff and keeping, even improving the service's quality.
Present a modern, atractive and elegant image, without losing the personal treatment. Your customers must see your business keeps developing
Reliability and security
Hybrid system, all the information is in the cloud. if you run out of internet, the data will be synchronized once you have internet back. You will never lose any data.
Delete the paper consumption when taking the orders, you can even send the payment receipts through e-mail.
The staff can change the area, task or functions in relation to the needs of that moment. They have all the information in real time. Less personell training and more performance.
360º Management
It allows you to know what is offered, requested and prepared, served and charged, who does it and when. All the information in your hand.