iOS -en


iOS is a mobile operating system of the multinational Apple Inc. Originally developed for the iPhone (iPhone OS), then it has been used on devices such as iPod touch and iPad. It does not allow the installation of iOS on third-party hardware.

Benefits of creating IOS applications: – More time in the market: Although it seems a lie, iOS has been in the market for longer than the great Google platform, Android. That is an advantage when programming since, being more time in the market, their frameworks and APIs have been able to evolve and adapt more to current requirements. – More expensive apps: Most mobile applications on Android are free but, they are also full of advertisings. If we don’t want to have the happy banners, we will have to pay for the application. On iOS, unlike Android and other platforms, applications are paid. This has advantages as we will get a greater benefit in an app created in iOS, in addition to not having advertising on it. – There is no fragmentation: In iOS we will only create applications for one type of device, the iPhone. Developers should not adapt each application to different Android mobile devices or any platform. In addition, they can always program with the latest software update available without worrying about whether the application will be supported with that version. Perhaps this is the most relevant difference or benefit of iOS programming compared to other platforms. – App review: Apple reviews all apps uploaded to the Store app in less than 24 hours so that the quality level is maintained as high as the one we are used to see. Unlike Android, the development of applications in ios requires specific equipment for its development, in Paellasoft we renew our equipment every 2 years to always be up to date and get that extra power that current technologies offers.