Gamification lets you boost the motivation and reinforce a behaviour. Applied to the company, it can improve the productivity, achieving goals and motivating clients and/or workers. Currently, gamification is present in our day-to-day life as a way to hook our attention, increasing our concentration, effort and involve and get the active engagement from the users (Wether they are clients, workers or providers). paellasoft In the case of business sector, Gamification helps to increase client’s engagement through online strategies (Websites, Apps, Social Networks…). In this way we will take advantage from rewards and incentives to increase the interaction from clients and workers. We encourage the client’s loyalty that will talk about our brand and will share it.

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In PaellaSoft we have an significant experience in this kind of strategies for thousands of users, raffles with prices and Highly stable, safe and efficient systems.

En PaellaSoft tenemos una importante experiencia en este tipo de dinámicas para miles de usuarios, sorteos con importantes premios y con sistemas altamente estables, seguros y eficientes.