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WordPress is the most popular web option in the market, the most used cms in the world, covering more than 50% of web pages worldwide since it’s simple, flexible and it has a lot of possibilities offered by its open community.

These are some of its advantages: 1. It is an open source software. Open source or open source is a type of software developed altruistically by thousands of developers who collaborate to improve it daily. It is called free because you have the freedom to do whatever you want with it for free. 2. It is constantly updating and growing. Being the most used content manager in the world, it is constantly updated to introduce improvements, correct vulnerabilities and add features. There are updates almost every month that increase the functionalities that you can include within your website. 3. It allows to customize it and make very attractive and different designs. WordPress uses a template system for its designs called Themes. There are thousands of free and paid themes that offer endless customization opportunities. In addition you can also make a @ designer @ make you a fully customized template. 4. Your website belongs to you. Unlike other platforms such as Wix, which offer «free» hosting but they own your website, your WordPress website is yours. This means that you are free to introduce all the modifications and functionalities you want, change the server whenever you want, sell it and make a profit from it, etc. 5. It is easy to use by the end user. The initial installation of WordPress may seem a bit complex at first. But once installed, being able to update the content, create new pages and articles, upload documents, is extremely easy. The times of having to wait weeks for your webmaster to change a phrase on your website are over… Now you can do it easily and without relying on third parties. 6. It is the best content manager for search engine optimization. It is an open truth that Google likes WordPress. It is structured in such a way that it facilitates the work of Google’s spider robots that are responsible for indexing all content on the Internet. Having the possibility of including a blog and being so easy to update, allows you to have fresh and renewed content, one of the most taken into account factors for positioning on the Internet. And in addition, there are plugins that allow you to further refine the aim and optimize your entire website to take advantage of SEO. 7. You have the best built-in blogging system. WordPress is the best blogging system you can find in the market. It allows structuring the contents, having attractive designs, programming your publications, integrating social buttons to share your contents, integrating subscription forms to your mailing list… What else can a blogger ask for? If we add to this that your blog will be much easier to position than one made on another platform, I think there is no doubt why I recommend this. 8. It is very elastic. WordPress has an extension system called plugins that allow you to add all kinds of functionalities to your webo blog page. You can do from a simple blog, to a website, a platform for courses, an online store, a magazine … The possibilities are enormous and are constantly growing. 9. Allows a 100% responsive design. And last but not least, WordPress allows you to design 100% adapted to all types of screens and devices. Today we are increasingly browsing from mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, that your website works correctly on all platforms is essential. Do not lose readers or customers simply because your website does not work on a mobile device.

In Paellasoft we develop custom WordPress creating templates from scratch, we create from simple landing page to complex ecommerce configuring all payment platforms such as paypal, stripe, credit card or recurring payments.

As we know that your brand is important, we take care of SEO so that your website appears in the first options in the search engines, for this we use a clean and sustainable code over time.