From PaellaSoft we evaluate the requirements of every project bringing mobile apps that have high quality and performance. This is possible thanks to our team's great dedication. Besides, thanks to our experience through all our years, we can advise from the beginning of the project to get an easy and positive user experience.

We have our own mobile Applications avaiable in iOS and Android. You can get them clicking the next buttons:


We have a public portfolio which can be accesed from here.


From the PaellaSoft beginning, we have amde hundreds of Web and Api projects. We know that it's a strategic value key that must be developed with much attention to equip it with security and a need flexibility for a future growing. Paellasoft provides security an reliance so that projects persist stable along the time because we like when things are well made and our made projects are our pride.

A prove of our worth are those applications that we have made, some of them with tens of millions of data. You can find more information in our public portfolio which can be accesed from here.


The future is digital and PaellaSoft brings solutions to the billing digitisation, establishment of a virtual office, work decentralization and global access to your data. We know that this process is an important step for every company, so that with our friendly treatment, we advise and adapt to every circumstances and thus give birth to a digitisation project together, adapted and versatile to grow with your company.

We already did hat many times in different business sectors, having millions of files and a daily high activity. You can find more information in our public portfolio which can be accessed from here.


Development is our passion and our way of living, we are used to adapt to the latest technologies, and looking forward to keep learning and innovating. We are characterised by a clear and friendly treatment from the first contact which is primary in order to translate the idea of a functional application succesfully. Thanks to our way of working we have many clients that come tu us again from the beginning.

Paellasoft is in constant growing with senior teams and a junior team being tought about good practices, technology renewal and methodologies.